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ArcHe-S, (Architectural Heritage Safeguarding), is a Tamil Nadu-based French NGO, founded in 2004 by the Architects Michel ADMENT and Bernard DRAGON. The objectives of ArcHe-S are to preserve and to promote the cultural and natural heritage of the Chettinad region. More
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Identifying endangered sites that are unique for their architecture, urban planning, history or environment; Implementing a well-coordinated protection and restoration programme, financed by national and international patrons. More 
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The NGO ArcHe-S is comprised of a team of national and international experts such as geographers, architects and urban planners, who monitor the different projects. This technical team is to be considered as the prefiguration of a future Chettinad Heritage Center . More
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ArcHe-S is working in collaboration with organizations recognized in heritage protection, development, planning and cooperation.
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In support to Indian Government's efforts to link tourism with local empowerment, UNESCO launched the concept of the Indian Heritage Passport Programme, with the endorsement of the Union Ministry of Tourism and Culture. More

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